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Decumanus Maggiore, via dei Tribunali

10-minutes walk from Beverello Suite

Total route length visiting the most important churches: 3 hours.

If you want to visit one of the museums, the route length is 4 hours, excluding the line for the ticket. 

The Decumanus Maggiore is one of the three arterial roads in the historical center of Naples, together with the Decumanus Inferiore and the Decumanus Superiore (strada dell’Anticaglia). These three streets are the main east-west ways of the ancient Greek city of Neapolis. Nowadays, the Decumanus Maggiore is one of the most important streets in the historical center of Naples, which was declared a world heritage site in 1995. This street is now called “via dei Tribunali” and still follows exactly the ancient Greek road axis. “Decumanus” is the Latin version of the original Greek word “plateia”, indicating east-west main ways. 

The Decumanus Maggiore starts from piazza Bellini, where you can still now see the ancient Greek walls of Neapolis. Then, it goes through via San Pietro a Majella and via dei Tribunali, which finally cuts across via Duomo and ends at Castel Capuano. Via dei Tribunali (Court House street) takes the name from Castel Capuano, a castle which housed the Court House from the beginning of the 16th century until recently. 

In the middle of via dei Tribunali one can find piazza San Gaetano, where the main square of the ancient Greek and Roman city used to be. On the left side of piazza San Gaetano, in front of via San Gregorio Armeno, you can access the underground city of Neapolis, named “Napoli Sotterranea” (underground Naples). From Napoli Underground you can spot the ancient aqueduct. From the Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore you can access the underground and the archeological artifacts of the Greek ways of Naples. 

Places of worship along the Decumanus Maggiore

Going from West to East along via dei Tribunali, the first church you are going to meet is the Basilica Church of San Paolo Maggiore. It stands on the site where the ancient Temple of the Dioscuri used to be and was built around the end of the 17th century, right in the middle of the ancient Greek agora (the main square). The Basilica has a three-naves structure and hosts important works by Stanzione, Vaccaro and Solimena. 

In front of this church you are going to find the Basilica Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore, which is one of the most ancient Neapolitan churches, since it was built around the 12th century. This church is unique in Italy, because its apse (the rear part of the church) is built in a clear French Gothic style. 

Up ahead there is the Church of the Gerolamini. It is historically, artistically and culturally one of the most important places of worship in Naples and its complex extends up to the Cathedral of Naples. It has inside the second most ancient library in Italy and an exhibition of paintings by young Neapolitan artists of the 17th century. 

Then, before continuing on to Castel Capuano the street cuts to via Duomo, where the Naples Cathedral can be visited. 

Other important monuments along the Decumanus Maggiore are the statue of Saint Gaetano in piazza San Gaetano and the obelisk dedicated to Saint Gennaro in piazza Cardinale Sisto Riario Sforza. 


Along the way between the Decumanus Maggiore and the Decumanus Inferiore there’s one of the most visited chapels in Italy, Cappella Sansevero. There the famous marble Veiled Christ can be spotted. 

Along another narrow colorful way between the Decumanus Maggiore and the Decumanus Inferiore, called via San Gregorio Armeno, a whole bunch of little shops can be found. There, you can listen to the artisans’ voices all year long and see how they make hand-crafted little characters for the representation of the nativity scene. 

National Archeological Museum

From Beverello Suite take the Metro 1 at Municipio station (1-minute walk). Direction Piscinola. Get off at the stop named Museo, which is about 1-minute walk far away from the ticket office.


Average time for a visit: 2 hours.


Ipogeo dei Cristallini in Via Cristallini

From Beverello Suite take the Metro 1 at Municipio station (a 1-minute walk). Direction Piscinola. Get off at the stop named Museo. It is a 15-minute walk from the museum to the hypogeum in via dei Cristallini, 133, Sanità quarter.

This hypogeum (an underground ancient Greek cemetery) takes you back to 2300 years ago, it is a rare and incredible site to spot ancient Greek architecture and painting in the middle of the Rione Sanità-Vergini quarter of Naples. The hypogeum is divided into 4 spaces, each one still showing an alive, highly decorated world with incredible trompe-l’oeil effects. There you can also see a huge exhibition of highly preserved artifacts and ancient vases.


Average time for a visit: 1 hour. 


National Museum of Capodimonte

From Beverello Suite take the Metro 1 at Municipio station (1-minute walk). Direction Piscinola. Get off at the stop named Museo and head to the bus stop a few meters away from the museum. Take the R4 bus line to Capodimonte. Get off at the stop named Tondo di Capodimonte and head to the Porta Piccola entrance for the Capodimonte Park and museum.


Average time for a visit: 2 hours.


Museo Cappella Sansevero

10-minute walk far away from Beverello Suite, in via Francesco de Sanctis. Since this is one of the most important sites internationally, to avoid the huge line to buy the ticket try to get there early in the morning.


Average time for a visit: 1 hour. 

Cristo Velato

Sant Anna dei Longobardi Chapel

5-minute walk from Beverello Suite, in piazza Monteoliveto.


Average time for a visit: 1 hour. 




Walk to the sea

Duration: 2 hours

Within 10 minutes from Beverello Suite you can walk to via Toledo, the Neapolitan shopping street par excellence. We suggest you to take a walk starting from the end of via Toledo, first visiting the Umberto I Gallery, with all its shops and coffee bars with outdoor tables. 

Further on, on the left of piazza Trieste e Trento, you can see the San Carlo Theater and then the Royal Palace in piazza del Plebiscito. 

Our walk heads towards via Partenope by the sea. There, you can spot the Vesuvius and the first bay of Naples, with the Castel dell’Ovo (the most ancient castle in Naples) and in front of the castle the mount Echia, the first settlement of the city dating back to the 8th century BC. 

View of the Gulf of Naples from Castel Sant’Elmo

Duration: 2 hours or 3/4 hours if you want to visit the castle or the Certosa museum. 

We suggest you to go to piazzetta Duca d’Aosta (a 5-minute walk from the Beverello Suite) and take the Funicolare (the cable railway). Otherwise, if you want to visit a famous and characteristic fish and vegetables market, go to the Montesanto quarter (a 10-minute walk) and take there the Funicolare di Montesanto. Both the cable railways have their last stop in the Vomero quarter, close to the star-shaped fortress of Sant’Elmo and to the charterhouse of San Martino. 

From Castel Sant’Elmo, you can spot a gorgeous landscape on the entire Gulf of Naples. From the little square in front of the charterhouse you can admire the bay of Naples, with its historical center, the Vesuvius and the port. 


The so called Mappatella Lido is a free beach that you can reach in about 35 minutes walk from the Beverello Suite.

Posillipo by Kayak. 

Sport, nature and sightseeing.

Duration: 5 hours or the entire day. 

Close to the beautiful Donn’Anna Palace, at the public beach named delle Monache in via Posillipo (a 1-hour walk from the Beverello Suite), you can rent a kayak and spot the glorious Naples coast from the sea. Meanwhile, you can have a swim into the open sea or go on the little beaches along the Posillipo coast, the famous Neapolitan residential quarter. The sight from the sea is breathtaking, with the tuff marine rocks where villas and majestic monumental palaces stand on. You can spot Naples’s uniqueness, a European capital city of rare beauty. Naples is a city where you can always have fun thanks to its mild temperatures, which allow people to go into the water or bathe in the sun almost all year long. 

There is a bus line to via Posillipo, but it is not so frequent. We suggest you to go there on foot, walking by the sea from Castel dell’Ovo to Mergellina, heading to via Posillipo. Otherwise, you can rent a scooter. 


Beverello Suite

Via Potenza 9, 80133 Naples


Distances from public transport

  1. Beverello Port, ferries to Ischia, Procida, Capri and Sorrento: 2 minutes walk. 

  2. Subway stops of Università and Municipio: 1 minute walk.

  3. Last stop of the Shuttle Bus named Alibus from International Airport of Capodichino: 3 minutes walk.

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