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Psychotherapist, NCIP Acc.

Specialized in the treatment of severe anxiety and panic attacks

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I am a professional with years of experience in providing psychotherapy to individuals and coaching to professionals, executive managers and work teams.

I graduated in political sciences in Italy and in psychology in England at London Metropolitan University. I have attended numerous courses in the areas of counseling, cognitive therapy and sex therapy.

I trained in Ericksonian therapy in London, learning the method of non-directive hypnosis and thanks to this specific technique I learned to carefully analyze the linguistic acts contained in the narrative that the client uses to describe his psychological issues. In Italy I attended an intensive course in integrated structural hypnosis with Giovanni Ariano who places emphasis on non-verbal language.

Since 2009 I have also deepened the psychoanalytic approach by attending thematic seminars and have had experience as a patient of both an orthodox freudian psychoanalytic psychotherapy with Macario Principe (Italian Psychoanalytic Society) and Fulvio Marone (ICLES), and an integrated structural psychotherapy with Tonia Bonacci (Italian Society of Integrated Psychotherapy).

I worked as an expert witness in Court, evaluating the reliability of the declarations of minors between 5 and 15 years old through semi-structured interviews and the use of standardized psychological tests.

In 2014 I completed a four years training Diploma in Intercultural Psychotherapy at the London School of Intercultural Psychotherapy and joined the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists in 2014.

How I help anxious people

The integrated structural method that I use for the therapy of anxiety disorders consists in connecting the anxious manifestation described by the client during the session to an emotional state. The somatic discriminants of this emotional state are analyzed through an analysis of body language and in particular of the facial area which the therapist can observe in detail during the online session thanks to the use of the webcam.

Sometimes the client is asked to stand at such a distance from the webcam so that his-her torso can be observed. In this way, even the subject's posture and movements can be analyzed and related to the emotional state.

Initially I evaluate the client's level of development of his/her communication skills, which means to evaluate the degree of development of body, emotional, fantastic and finally rational language, and in an intermediate phase of psychotherapy I work on the languages that the client has less developed with the aim of making communication broader, deeper and more refined.

In the final phase of the therapeutic journey, I focus on the integration of languages that allows us to understand how the anxious manifestation experienced by the client in certain situations translates into a scheme that connects automatic thoughts, fantasies, dreams, somatic experiences and emotions.

Through the integration of languages, the client drastically reduces the anxious manifestation, placing it, as they say in jargon, below the threshold, i.e. at a physiological level. With this type of therapeutic work, anxiety is translated into a so-called full emotion which finds an integrated and free channel of expression and this learning process makes it possible to return to a situation of mental well-being.

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